Struggling To Reach Your Fitness Goals? These 3 Tips Can Help

Audrey Barton
3 min readNov 29, 2020

“It’s a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up.”

We’ve all read fitness quotes like these, and they evoke different emotions within us. Some of us read it and feel motivated, some of us feel guilty, while others think, “that’s easy for you to say, you don’t know what I go through!”

While we all have our reasons to help us explain why we feel the way we do, one thing is clear — we all want to reach our fitness goals and we’re not happy about where we are.

Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

So what else can we do other than agonize over some fitness quotes? Well, we could take action — but we’ve probably been to the gym and back for eons with little to no success.

The truth is that there are no shortcuts to fitness.

The following 3 tips are practical and will help you achieve your goals:

  1. Develop healthy habits

The key to achieving your fitness goals isn’t endless hours in the gym, nor is it lots of protein-based products or ridiculous diets.

The key is building healthy habits! What is the first thing you eat in the morning? Is it something healthy? Is it a whole-grain food? Or is it something that will satisfy your craving or appease your hunger?

These habits also apply to your workout routine. Do you exercise every day for at least thirty minutes? The key is to take a small step in the right direction every day.

Get a fitness coach

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

If you take the time to research the lives of some fitness influencers, you’ll find that they have one thing in common — a fitness coach. Many people shy away from having one because they believe it will be expensive but there’s probably an affordable one in your area that can help you.

Fitness coaches help you to see the bad habits and mistakes that you’re making and take the necessary steps to correct them. Maybe there’s an exercise that you’ve been doing wrong or not doing enough of? Fitness coaches can help you identify your weak areas and develop strategies to strengthen them.

Create a fitness journal

Photo by Meghan Holmes on Unsplash

This might be a bit tricky in the beginning, but it’ll get easier as you continue to do it. Your fitness journal helps you track your activity so that you don’t overwork muscle groups. It also encourages you to keep track of your diet and plan.

Experts say that the most challenging part of fitness is eating right. A journal helps you track your eating and exercise so that you can maximize your efforts and have a sense of direction as you progress.

Many things are easier said than done — especially in the world of fitness. And with the pandemic restricting social activities, it’s been a challenge for people to work out.

However, if you’re willing to have an online fitness coach help you incorporate all the tips discussed, Fit & Fabulous Lifestyle with Pam Klim can help!