Don’t Allow Wisdom Tooth Pain To Ruin Your Holiday — Remove It With 24-Hour Emergency Dental Services

What are wisdom teeth and why are they called that?

Wisdom teeth are the last four molars that we get. They usually come out between the ages of 17–25. They’re called wisdom teeth because of the age at which we get them — a time in life when we’re perceived as mature or “wiser”.

Of course, wisdom teeth don’t make us wiser. Instead of bringing wisdom, for most of us, they bring pain and discomfort that affect our oral health and threaten our overall well-being.

Why does this happen?

Teeth are expected to come entirely out of our gums, but many times this doesn’t happen. Some wisdom teeth come out crooked or not at all. When they don’t come out, they’re called impacted wisdom teeth. These problems with wisdom tooth eruption make the risk of teeth and gum infections greater — and these can be catastrophic for our health.

The American Dental Association advises that we remove our wisdom teeth if they’re infected and cause us pain. Failure to do this promptly will cause further, more severe problems that can or can’t be fixed.

If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort as a result of your wisdom teeth you should seek help from a dental practice that:

  • Operates 24/7

There’s comfort in knowing that if you’re affected by a toothache, you can get help at any time for it. When a dental practice offers 24hr service, you can call at any time to schedule an appointment, or if it’s an emergency, you can go in to get it taken care of.

  • Has experienced dentists

Dental practitioners who take care of you should have lots of experience. With years of practice, you can be assured of quality care because the dentists know what they’re doing.

  • Offers a flexible payment plan

Paying for dental services doesn’t go the same way for all of us because we don’t all have dental insurance and some insurance policies don’t cover the services we need. This is where an affordable dental plan or emergency line of credit would come in handy!

  • Has convenient locations

Getting to your dentist’s clinic shouldn’t be like traveling in the early 1900s — taking two to three days to get an appointment to the one dentist in the whole town. Clinics should be scattered across the state or strategically located to offer ease of access to nearby communities. For instance, a clinic in Tysons, Virginia should be able to serve at least four nearby zip codes.

  • Provides a wide range of dental services

Your dental problem may not just be wisdom tooth pain. You may also need to have a root canal, remove an object stuck between your teeth, fit a dental crown, or have a tooth filled. Nothing beats the convenience of having all services done under one roof.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, you don’t need to be having problems with your teeth. Emergency dental services are taking the worry of having to wait to get oral health problems quickly taken care of — and for this we’re more than grateful!



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