Who’s on your top five all-time singers list? What about current acts? Have you ever wanted to sing like them?

The effect that music has on people will never diminish. Every song evokes an emotion that either speaks to or transcends the listener’s reality.

Music is powerful.

To have a…

It’s been a rough couple of years for a lot of people — many of our loved ones aren’t doing as well as we’d like.

Maybe you’re not doing as well as you’d like.

You’re not alone. Everywhere you look, it seems like people are hurting lately.

I wish I…

It’s no secret that medicine is overpriced in the USA.

Pharmaceutical companies are known for hiking their prices so much that their products are entirely unaffordable — because you still have to buy them anyways.

Photo by Laurynas Mereckas on Unsplash

The whole thing is a bit like a hostage situation — they’re holding your lifesaving…

Medicare, or “Traditional Medicare,” as many call it, has been going through some growing pains.

Recently Medicare Advantage has greatly overtaken it, by offering a number of services not available through the traditional options.

While Medicare Advantage has allowed many people to get partial coverage for vision, dental, and hearing…

Being an asthmatic can be quite frustrating. You want to take part in certain activities, like some vigorous exercises, but you often can’t because of your condition.

This oftentimes debilitating disease inflames your airways causing it to swell and restrict the flow of air from your lungs. …

Coughing, tightness of the chest, trouble breathing. These are some of the symptoms of the respiratory condition called asthma which causes swelling within the airways, reducing the amount of oxygen that reaches the lungs.

About one in 13 Americans are asthmatic. This includes 7% of children and 8% of adults…

When it comes to healthcare, every little bit matters.

Whether that’s a few extra data points or a few extra seconds, it can make the difference between life and death for a patient.

Since it’s not possible to have a nurse or doctor at every patient’s side constantly, medical experts…

If you’ve been using hearing aids for any length of time, then you’re probably familiar with their common downfalls.

There’s one example that drives me crazy, personally.

We can make submarines that can explore the ocean depths — and send astronauts in sealed suits to explore the vacuum of space…

If you read the headline, then you already know my opinion about the best way to straighten out your smile.

However, before you make a decision, it’s always a good idea to look at your options.

Dentistry has come a long way in recent years, and there are definitely more…

It seems like every day there’s an exciting new advancement in medical technology.

Once in a while one of those cool new inventions is useful for the most feared of all the medical specialists… the dentist.

Or in this case — the periodontist — an expert who specializes in the…

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