3 Reasons Why Coffee Lovers Around The World Are Choosing Single-Origin Beans

Audrey Barton
3 min readMay 25, 2021


What’s the most popular beverage in the world? Is it Pepsi or Coca-Cola?

The answer might shock and surprise you at the same time!

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The answer is water. Water is the most popular beverage.

If you thought the answer was coffee, you’re not too far off. Studies show that coffee is the third most popular beverage on the planet. Only tea and water are a more popular choice.

Coffee beans are grown in approximately 70 countries and consumption is almost 2 billion cups daily. Yes, 2 billion!

Coffee contains nutrients that your body needs but it’s widely used to help people stay alert. So, if you ever wondered why every break room has a coffee pot, now you know!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

But with all this love for coffee, many haven’t tasted true coffee yet. That black liquid that’s bubbling in your pot might not be as pure as the label says it is.

To truly experience coffee, you need to drink single-origin beans. The following reasons explain why.

Single-origin beans have a unique flavor

The coffee that many of us drink is blended with coffee beans of multiple origins. While you might think that this would make the flavor interesting, it doesn’t.

Multiple blends interfere with the boldness of each bean inside.

It’s akin to having too many cooks preparing a meal. The meal might taste good, but it would be better if only one person did it.

Single-origin beans add bold flavor to each cup of coffee!

Single-origin beans have a rich history

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Every batch of single-origin beans is a story waiting to unfold. These beans are coming from a single geographical location that has unique soil composition and bean farming practices.

So every cup of coffee helps you to match its flavor to its location on the world map.

Single-origin beans have a higher quality

The quality of single-origin beans is the main reason coffee lovers prefer them to blended brands.

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Each batch offers a clean crisp brew that its blended counterparts can’t begin to fathom!

It’s no secret that a pot of coffee is bubbling somewhere in the world, at this very moment. People drink coffee at any time of the day. However, the true lovers of the bean prefer it from the source!

If you’re a bean lover in Hong Kong and you’ve never had a single-origin cup of coffee, BeanCurious has you covered.



Audrey Barton