3 Reasons Chiropractic Care Trumps Medications When It Comes To Pain

Pain from injuries comes and goes, and it can be caused by many different factors. It could be from a sporting injury where you twist an ankle, a slip-and-fall, an auto accident… or pretty much anything else.

Each type of pain varies and some don’t show up until later, when the adrenaline has stopped pumping.

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Take auto accidents for example. They can cause considerable damage to the bones, joints, muscles, and other tissues or organs. This results in you hardly being able to move and being in severe pain and discomfort.

Just like pain has different causes, so the different types of pain can be treated in different ways.

Of course, the universal thing for us to do when we feel pain is to visit the doctor.

They in turn would dish out some pain killers or pump you up with some sort of medication that would numb the pain. The plus side to that is the pain goes away, albeit temporarily

… but drugs always come with side effects!

Very rarely does anyone think of visiting a Chiropractic clinic, because the first thought that comes to mind is, “I’m scared…They will make it worse.”

What many people don’t know though is that chiropractors are probably one of the best non-invasive solutions to pain.

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Here’s why:

No drugs or addictive medication involved

Chiropractors won’t prescribe drugs. They know that medication just deals with the surface of the pain and not the whole injury that’s causing it.

They also know that medication is most often addictive or comes with other side effects that may cause more harm than good to your body. So they deal with your pain differently.

The root cause of the pain is addressed

Instead of trying to mask the pain for you, a chiropractor would address your injury at the source and work to heal the actual cause. They fully examine your muscles and skeletal system so they can know exactly what needs to be done.

And then they work with their hands or whatever form of technology they have available.

How awesome is that?

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No side effects, just total recovery

The treatments a chiropractic center offers for pain and injury are all-natural, but they don’t involve any type of active ingredients that may come with their own specific problems.

Natural herbs may work to take away the pain, but you may be allergic to them. Same with certain medications.

Not so with chiropractic care. Chiropractors work to take away both the pain and the injury.

They help to heal your body naturally and get your muscles and joints back into alignment without side effects.

You may be in pain right now from an injury and living on medicinal pain killers as you’re reading this.

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Maybe you were in an auto accident in the past and are now feeling the effects of it.

If you haven’t considered chiropractic care yet — or if you have, but the very thought scared you — maybe it’s time to give it another chance.

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